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Welcome to the webpage of Ichtus Leuven. We’re very glad you found your way up here. This year is the fifth year we have a specific focus on you, foreign friend. We experience the presence of international students as very valuable, and that’s why through our activities we want to offer a way to let the foreign student integrate in our group.


Activities and venues

Upcoming activities 

Ichtus Leuven presents: Back to School- Starting activity. Coming wednesday, the 23rd of September is our first activity of the schoolyear. We’ll start at 19.30 in MTC (see ‘agenda’). We’ll explain how Ichtus works and will get to know each other better. Of course it will be coronaproof: so make sure you have a mouth mask with you!

Last year’s theme was ‘For Example’. This year’s theme will be ‘And they lived happily ever after’.

A few years ago!

Ichtus Leuven has done a lot of things last year, together with its international students. We had a lot of fun activities together. We also went out on the streets around Christmas to do some caroling. We had a great time sharing the good news about Jesus’s coming with the Leuven passerby’s. Our main event, however, was our Mission week, during which we evangelised through different activities throughout the week.

But what is Ichtus Leuven? 

Ichtus is a Greek acronym for ‘Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior‘ and is thereby a good name for this Christian Student Union. As a student group we have one goal: connecting Christian students in Leuven in order to bring them closer to God. By organizing communal activities, small group evenings and evangelisation actions, we as a unity want to grow in Christ and reach out to the world. More information on these activities can be found in our agenda.

Every week there is at least one activity. These activities are organized by the Ichtus Leuven executive board, which includes Joshua as president, Andrea as vice-president, Ruth as small group coordinator, Liesbeth as treasurer, Frauke for prayer and worship and Sanne takes care of evangelization. All members of the executive board present themselves under ‘Ichtus Leuven -> Praesidium‘. All activities are organized in close involvement with the members of Ichtus Leuven. All evangelisation actions are carried out by this amazing group of people. Together we’re Ichtus, together we’re strong and by His grace together we can accomplish great things.

Usually Wednesday evening is considered Ichtus evening. Every two weeks we come together as a whole group for a communal evening, on which we do some worship, prayer and some other activities. This includes lectures, games, workshops, debates etc. The usual venue is MTC (Sint-Michielsstraat 6). Always check out date and venue on this page, on Facebook or on Instagram.

Every other Wednesday evening we come together in small groups. We come together, cook together, eat together, have fellowship, do some Bible study and prayer… all this in certain groups of appr. 10 people. Do you want to join the international small group? Mail us at, so we can contact you.

If you are a new student arriving in Leuven: just come around, we might be able to help you find your way around. In the meantime you can find all the practical stuff you need on this site. If you happen to be a international student in another city in Belgium, please check out our links page to find information on the other Ichtus groups. If you have any other question about Ichtus, please do not hesitate to email us. Also check out our Facebook page or our Instagram to find very up to date information. We hope to see you soon! Have a blessed day!

If you want to become a member of Ichtus Leuven, then you can register via this link.


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